Personal Project

MZ//HB design for the modern individual. They weave together classic silhouettes and avant-garde details. 




For Their inaugural collection for the Fall/Winter 2016 season, MZ//HB designed six ready-to-wear looks that find beauty in the unconventional. Inspired by the British fashion industry in the 1940's, MZ//HB mix tradition with innovation. During World War II the British government enforced strict rationing of goods in order to cope with extreme shortages. Clothing and material rationing propelled individuals to rethink the way they designed apparel and encouraged a new resourcefulness in the way in which they approached fashion. The result was innovations in styling and design. Using this as inspiration for their collection MZ//HB presents clothing that is unconventional, minimal, and resourceful. 




We've produced the clothes for Fall/Winter 2016 and held a fashion show during which we presented the line to the public. We also organized a photo shoot which we art directed and created branding for the company.